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Morningstar Analysis

The Morningstar’s Sustainability Rating™ is a new way to evaluate how well the companies in a fund’s portfolio are managing the environmental, social, and governance — or ESG — investing factors relevant to their industries. The Morningstar Sustainability Rating for Funds provides a reliable, objective way to evaluate how investments are meeting environmental, social, and governance challenges. In short, it helps investors put their money where their values are.

As part of our screening process we use Morningstar ratings such as:

  • Sustainability Rating
  • Overall ESG Score
  • Environmental Score
  • Social Score
  • Governance Score

As these are recent statistical scores not all companies have these scores available yet. We also rely on the research of our fund providers to screen their holdings with their own ESG filters.

ESG An Evolving Strategy

ESG investment strategies are an evolving science with new investment opportunities and corporate culture rapidly changing. The changing market demands that ESG asset allocation strategies to be periodically reviewed.

About the only certainty when it comes to the financial markets is that they will change, and so will your financial situation. Through market gains and losses, a portfolio can become unbalanced and it may be important to make adjustments to your allocation. As people move through life’s stages their needs, preferences, priorities and risk tolerance change and so too must their asset allocation strategy.

Asset allocation, which is driven by complex mathematical models, should not be confused with the much simpler concept of diversification.

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