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ESG Investing

What is ESG Investing?

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ESG is the acronym for Environmental, Social and (Corporate) Governance.

The world is changing quickly and many investors desire their investments to reflect their personal values. To this end we have designed portfolios that use common ESG filters to minimize the environmental impact on our global environment while managing our investment model to match each client’s individual risk tolerance.

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ENVIRONMENTAL issues include such things as renewable resources while eliminating such things as fossil fuels. We also look for investment opportunities that are either beneficial to our environment or eliminate things having a negative impact on it. “Sustainability” of the business models are also considered. We believe that companies that minimize or have eliminated the use of depleting resources and focus on renewable resources have a better ”long term” benefit that outlive obsolescence are better suited for future profitability than business’s not actively pursuing sustainability; thereby providing value for the investor.

FOSSIL FREE investing embraces the idea that improving the quality of our environment can be improved by transitioning portfolios to a low carbon investments as part of responsible investing. There is a growing fossil fuel divestment movement in current portfolios. Our goal is to provide investors who see environmental sustainability with long term sustainable low carbon portfolios. We believe ESG investing can have a positive impact on the world we leave for future generations.

SOCIAL concerns include how a company looks at “diversity” and inclusion in recruitment policies including Human Rights issues and the welfare of not only their employees but the companies they do business that have similar values. Consumer protections have also been a growing issue in the way companies are run, often including ways to give back to their communities and world impacting causes.

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE includes how the board views their responsibilities to the company in the way of executive compensation of excess salaries and bonuses. Corporate culture is having an impact on how employer relations play a role in the value of a company to attract quality people that want to work for them. Additional concerns include their trade or supply partners working with companies that have similar business values or influencing them to change. Both strategies work in changing the culture of the corporate environment.


We believe that ESG investing can bring long term, sustainable and responsible investing opportunities while holding onto values that make this world a better place to live.